How to Get Traffic to Your Online Store

An online business without traffic is like a having a hidden physical store with no visitors.  The purpose of venturing into a business is to make money. But how do you make money? You create online store and attract visitors who end up buying your products. So that even if you have the best-designed e-commerce platform selling high-quality products, if you don’t have in place a well thought out strategy of attracting traffic to your online store, you are bound to fail. You can create an e-commerce with Shopify by clicking here if you want to get started!

Here are some brilliant ways of getting traffic to your online store

  • Use high-quality blog content to drive traffic to your business online store

An excellent way of getting traffic to your online store is the use of a blog on your website. You can use a blog to communicate to your customers on relevant issues that affect the business. Quality content can also be useful for helping customers to understand the personal side of your business. Quality content will also increase search engine traffic to your website. You can take advantage of your blog to consistently write high-quality professional articles that touch on important issues in your industry. That way, you can become an authority in your field which can induce many people to buy from your e-commerce platform.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is an important strategy to drive traffic to your website. There are various SEO tools that you can leverage to drive traffic to your e-commerce platform. 

The following are three SEO strategies that you can employ to drive traffic to your e-commerce platform:

  • Keyword strategy can drive traffic and help to sell products online

A keyword is a phrase the customers’ type to find your business online and products. The various keywords you can use are

  • Short tail keywords: Such keywords are about your business hence when you write important aspects such as your website content, title tags as well as navigation; you had better use short tail keywords to drive the appropriate traffic to your online store.
  • Long tail keywords: They refer to phrases, questions or sentence that user’s Google. Long tail keywords though broad and not specific are important as they capture users in their earlier research on a particular product. Such users can, later on, be easily converted into customers.
  • Email marketing

Email marketing is another excellent strategy for driving traffic to your online store. Email marketing also increases your email list which is an opportunity to market your products. With your emails, you can incorporate signup links; signup forms and also pop ups that market your products and service. Email marketing will help you to reach out to new as well as existing customers. You also get a stellar opportunity of reaching out to your lost customers.

  • Take advantage of the forums

Forums may provide valuable traffic and bring visitors that are ready to buy. To get the best out of forums, you need to provide helpful information. Provide useful information and solutions to problems instead of just posting links to your products on the forums. With time, you’ll become popular, and people will start following you. When that happens, you can take advantage and start recommending products in your store.


There are many ways that you can use to drive traffic after you create online store. The above are some of the best methods that you can leverage to trigger significant traffic to your online store. While you are at it, keep in mind that what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. Find out the best strategy or a combination of strategies from the above that can give you your desired result.