How to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Online Store

When you create online stores you are not worried about conversion rates but it is an important aspect of ecommerce. There are many factors that affect these rates. One of the major contributors is the quality of the traffic you receive. Most ecommerce websites experience conversion rates of around 1 to 2 percent.

If you have already taken your business online but need a way to increase the selling products online, then here is a guide on how to improve the conversion rate for your ecommerce website.

High Quality Images

The one most important thing about selling products online are the images. It is what makes or breaks the sale since the customer is buying remotely and needs to see a realistic representation of the item before they spend their money on it. A high quality image will let them know the color, size, shape and quality of the image. The higher the quality of the image, the better. Also there should be multiple pictures taken from all angles and they have the ability to zoom in and out of them as well.

Great Description

The product description also matters as it performs the role of providing customers with the necessary information such as technical specifications and size measurements. This will help customers gain clarity on the item and convince them that the product is right for them.

A good sales copy has the complete details and does not exaggerate on any aspect when selling products online. There should be a shorter version to provide customers a brief summary and a longer version to persuade them that the product will serve its purpose.

Product Videos

Images are well and good but videos are emerging as the preferred media for any business online. Photos are limited in their representation and videos can show how the product is used and what it looks like in and out of the packaging. You can try creating videos for only one section of your business online and then see if it is making a difference in sales.

Allow Customers to Customize

People prefer customizing their purchases according to their liking. It is fun and feels like a game since they will be creating the product themselves and are bound to buy them. Once they spend some time selecting colors, sizes, designs they will feel like it’s already their own.