How to sell more online using email marketing

Selling online is not an easy task, although it is very profitable to sell your products online. There are millions of people online reading blogs, watching You-Tube videos, scanning websites, reading blogs, ordering products online, and so on, which means that there are lots of opportunities for you to sell and make profit online.

However, there are millions of sellers selling online too, and there is every tendency that 10% of those sellers are selling exactly what you are selling. But how can you stand out among all the competitions? How can you make people chose your products out of the other similar products online?

That’s simple; you just use Email marketing. Email marketing is a very good way to sell your products online. However, the main reason why most marketers fail in email marketing is either they are doing it wrong or because they are not doing it at all. So how can you use email marketing to sell more online?

  1. Welcome Emails. When a customer joins your mailing list, the first email they receive is the welcome email. Having a welcome email is the best way to create a nice impression about your business. It is also a good way to communicate your products to your new subscribers. For instance, if you are a blogger who focuses on beauty and fashion, you can create a welcome email that links to your eBooks about natural face makeup.
  2. Bundle Emails. You should figure out what products work well together and try selling them as a bundle. In reality, the word bundle is a very nice way to engage with your customers. The first thing that comes to a customer’s mind when they see or hear “bundle” is a limited time offer or added value. For instance, if your customer purchased a course on ingrown hairs, you can create a bundle to go along with a course that includes your tips and trick. Although not everyone will go for extra products, there will be people who are always very excited about bundles.
  3. Thank you emails. Although most thank you emails are just so boring, but there are lots of sales potential in “thank you” emails. In your “thank you” email, you can add some few links to some products similar to the one the customer purchased. For instance, if a customer purchases your eBook on how to stay healthy, you can add links of your eBook on how to stay young in your thank you email.